The innovative MX-1800

bale transport trolley

A machine designed to save time and reduce the cost of collecting, transporting and loading bales when picking up bales from the field. The proposed solution allows for grouping bales behind the baler simultaneously, two next to each other. Thanks to this, when transporting bales from the field, two bales are loaded at once, reducing the time of operation and optimizing fuel costs.

Self-loading bale wrapper


Simple and easy to maintain machine in the range of products dedicated to agriculture. Modern design and solutions that facilitate operation accelerate work on the farm, minimizing production costs with one-man operation. Universal use thanks to the possibility of working both in the field and stationary on the farm with the use of a hydraulic unit.

Open bucket for bulk materials


A well-thought-out structure ensuring effective and efficient work, combined with a modern design, are the features of the KROZMET FARMER buckets for loose materials. The construction uses materials with increased strength. This, combined with solid workmanship, guarantees the highest quality of the product. The design takes into account the possibility of achieving the maximum possible loading height when operating the tractor with a loader.



A well-thought-out structure combined with a modern design are the features of the gripper, commonly known as a crocodile. The design ensures effective and efficient work. The designed and thoughtful geometry of the structure allows maximum access to the wall, also in the open position, and breaking the upper arm increases the loading volume.



It is a high-quality product, solidly made and ensuring good work results. Strong materials were used for its construction, and the elements of the structure were strengthened internally and externally. As a result, a higher stiff ness was achieved when working in difficult conditions. The blade was made of HARDOX HB 500 wear plate. Additional slides were used to increase the durability of the device.

Bucket-crocodile hard


The HARD version is designed for the toughest jobs. The tool is made of solid and durable materials. The massive structure and strength of the HARD version allow the material to be torn out, for example, from a prism, which is strongly compressed, and the upper arms ensure high pressure from above, so that the material does not escape during the ride.

Bale fork


Reliable product, made of solid materials, combining strength and durability as well as modern design. Intended for loading work, transporting three bales at a time during one driveway, thanks to which we reduce the operational wear of the machine, save time and fuel.

Bale grapple


The grapple is designed for transporting, loading and unloading bales of haylage, straw or hay. It is characterized by a modern line of arms ideally suited to the shape of the bale and a large contact area to the bale. The smooth surface of the arms both inside and outside the structure completely eliminates accidental damage to the bales during transport and storage.

Screw conveyor


The project is distinguished by modern design and proven, reliable solutions. Their use contributed to the design of a device that facilitates and accelerates the transfer of loose materials with maximum work effi ciency. The high quality of workmanship and the solidity of the materials extend the life of the device.

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